It’s been a long time I wanted to have a blog. Writing more and better is one of my goals this year and the blog is a fairly simple way to achieve it.

I will try to write about subjects that interest me: dev, learning, ways to become more efficient (aka productivity), board games and anything else that comes into my mind that deserves to be shared.

What is my blogging platform?

Once I decided to create this blog, once I found the subjects to write about, I had to find out how to do it. I had several possibilities to do so:

Being very attached to data protection and confidentiality (on a personal basis, I try to use as little google as possible, I will surely come back to this in a future article), I have chosen not to use a third party service as my main publication platform. I’m a dev, the choice of the static site generator with articles written in Markdown, and a hosting based on Git was thus naturally imposed to me. This solution even guarantees better durability over time, as written by @brandur. I turned to Hugo and the Hello Friend NG theme of Djordje Atlialp.

The source of this site is hosted on a Github repository. Do not hesitate to create an issue or a pull request if you see any bug or typo.

As this theme allows me to have the site and the blog written in several languages, I will try to write as much as possible my articles in French and in English.

I wanted to have a comment system on the blog. However, because of data protection issues, I didn’t want to use disqus. I turned to Utterances which is open source, without any tracking and stores comments as GitHub issues. So don’t hesitate to comment on articles, you just need to have a GitHub account to do so.

✍️ Edit 16/02/2021: Add link to Github repository.